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2017: a balancing act (reader deal)

The new year is 24 days old. How's it treating you so far? Are you still working towards your goals for 2017? Have you had some wins? Challenges? This year, rather than making a new year's resolution I set an intention. Sort of a broad theme for my year ahead.

As I told you folks a few weeks back, 2016 was a whirlwind of ups, downs, and surprises, so I mulled over what I wanted from 2017. What would my ideal year look like? What would it have more of? Less of? Who would I surround myself with? It didn't take long for me to choose my intention for the year: balance.

What does that mean for me? It means not hosting/attending events five nights a week after putting in a full workload at my day job. Closing my laptop before the wee hours of the morning. Reading more books (real ones). Saying yes to what I love and no to everything else. Honouring the time I set aside for myself as much as the time I set aside for others. Can I get an amen? Anyone else working on this?

For the last year and a half, a big part of my life (and my sanity) has been Iron North Studio. It's a local multidisciplinary fitness studio just a few blocks from my house, which means 1) it's easy to get to, and 2) it's everything I need under one roof: lifting, cross-training, spinning, and yoga.

Iron North Studio is an independent small biz run by Sam and Jenna (above), two of the most inspiring boss babes you could ever hope to meet. They've created such a tight-knit community of trainers and students that this place has become my second home.

I've frequented Iron North since October 2015 and I love it. But you know what's always the first thing to go when life gets busy? Fitness. This fall was insanely busy, and I found myself prioritizing events, holiday parties, and other plans. "Me time" wasn't a thing.

So on January 1, as I caught my breath at home in my jammies, I decided to hit the big ol' reset button on my eating and my workouts. I committed to doing 20 workouts in 30 days, starting on January 2. And you guys, as of tonight I've done 27 in 24 days. Weeeee!!!

I'll be honest. Right after class I usually feel like this:

But damn it feels good to squat heavier, pedal faster, and feel stronger. Wanna join me?

$79 intro month at iron north

You've got exactly ONE WEEK to grab a mega deal at Iron North Studio! Til January 31, first-time gym goers can grab an unlimited 30-day intro pass for just $79. That's nearly 50% off! Spinning, cardio, lifting, and yoga all under one roof in Hintonburg. Click here to grab the deal and come join me!

You can also grab the deal on Facebook and share it with your pals:

Iron North has been so busy (January at a gym, after all) that they're adding new classes left right and centre. So if you haven't been in a little while, check out the new schedule and come join us! xo

Iron North Studio class schedule

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