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About me

Hi there! I'm Amy in 613, an Ottawa-based lifestyle blogger, content creator, and brand ambassador. I share everything from local events, to skincare tips, to midsize fashion, food and wine, travel inspiration, the best workout gear, bras that are actually comfortable, leakproof underwear, you name it.

I'm humbled to have over 50,000 of you following along with me online and on my social channels. Your jokes, questions, cat pictures, and DMs make my day.

Why 613?

613 = Ottawa's area code! I moved to Ottawa in 2000, and since then I've watched our little city grow. The 613 has never had so many outstanding shops, restaurants, galleries, breweries, bars, farmers markets, festivals, pop-up events, great shopping, and more.


There's always something going on in the 613, some new place to check out, or some new product to try. In a past life I ran a boutique PR and events company, with a tiny blog to share my clients' news and events. Eventually I moved on from PR and event planing, but I  really missed that tiny blog. So in September 2015, I launched my own website and social channels to share my own favourite finds in a more direct way, and here we are!

What I do

I publish editorials, product reviews, midsize fashion try-ons, giveaways. I introduce you to great brands and businesses, and hook you up with exclusive deals and promo codes.


I'm proud to be a brand ambassador for brands big and small, including:




Concept Medical

Society Salon & Blow Dry Bar

Eyemaxx Optical Studio

Poppy Barley

IVONNE Permanent Makeup & Skincare

Nail Bar Ottawa

True Bijoux

Is there something you'd like to see on the blog? Let me know at

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