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raising the barre with the dailey method (reader deal)

I spent the month of June workin' on my fitness at The Dailey Method, a beautiful barre fitness studio located in the heart of the Glebe. Their lovely team (hi Sarah and Jamie!) invited me to join their 30-day challenge, and since I was ready for a break from running I was totally game.

I signed up alongside a bunch of other local bloggers; some I knew well and others I was meeting for the first time. Among others, our little posse included Katie from YOW City Style, Brandon from Apartment 613, Loukia from Loulou's Views, the trio of besties from In a Nutshell, elite runner Emily MacLean, and barre buddy extraordinaire, Stephen of Frugal Fitness (hey bud!!).

The TDM team asked each of us to commit to doing at least 3 classes per week for 30 days, and all the studio's students (including brand new folks!) were welcome to join in. I set a goal of 3 classes per week and hoped I could make it happen during what was going to be a very busy month.

To help us track our progress, The Dailey Method staff posted a big scorecard, and with every class we attended we could put a start next to our name. Such a simple but motivating way to keep us going! It worked in grade school so why shouldn't it work now, right? Stephen from Frugal Fitness was a champ and made it to 30 classes in 30 days -- that's a whole lotta stars!!

After months of training for the Ottawa Race weekend 10k, I was more than ready to give my running shoes (and my knees) a break so I could try something new. In addition to running I do a fair bit of spinning, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and strength training, so I was eager to switch to a low impact form of fitness like barre.

BUT: don't for a second think that low impact equals easy, because TDM's teachers will make you work, work, work, work, work. Expect lots of tiny movements that will fully exhaust a muscle group you didn't know you had, before moving on to the next one. Up an inch, down an inch! In an inch, out an inch! Seriously, you will inch your way to a stronger bod.

The cheery teaching staff at TDM (that's them above) are incredibly welcoming, and get to know every student by name almost immediately. I can't tell you what a difference that makes when you're struggling through a workout on an off day, and an encouraging teacher cheers you on, saying "that's it Amy, you've got this!!"

So fast-forward 30 days: June 30th rolled around and how'd I do? I can honestly say I feel stronger, leaner, and I'm spotting some muscles in my upper arms and back that I didn't think existed (yay triceps!). And drumroll please..... I managed my 3 classes per week for a total of 12 classes in June!

Sarah, Jamie, Moriana, Sarah W, Steph, and Kelsey: I adored being part of your classes all month long, and having the chance to get to know so many awesome folks. Thank you for inviting me into the TDM community!

win yourself a deal!

This is little giveaway is a hybrid of a flash sale and a contest. The Dailey Method kindly gave me three promo codes that I can give to three lucky winners, which will give you an unlimited intro month pass to TDM Ottawa for just $59 smackeroos. That's $20 off their regular intro rate of $79 and a hell of a bargain since an unlimited month at TDM is worth $225.

Enter as many ways as you like using the Rafflecopter widget below, and I'll announce three winners this Thursday! Best of luck and see you at the barre. :)

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