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ease them muscles with thai yoga massage (reader deal)

Ever had a Thai yoga massage? I hadn't either til just a couple of weeks ago. I'd heard people mention it (especially in yoga circles) but hadn't had the opportunity to try it myself. When I overheard one of my yoga teachers mention to another student that she'd see them later for their massage, I had to find out more. That teacher was Geneviève Munro. That's her below demonstrating some pretty stellar balancing chops.

I try to get to Geneviève's yoga classes every week because of her thoughtful sequencing, her hands-on approach, and her genuine interest in her students. Her flow and yin classes at Iron North are some of my favourites and are always a high point of my week, especially when my muscles need some TLC.

And boy have my muscles needed TLC lately. This month I kicked my running into high gear with Iron North's spring running series because I'm traning to do a sub-60 minute 10k race during Ottawa Race Weekend at the end of May. So I'm running 30-40k per week and my legs in particular have been speaking up. So I booked a Thai yoga massage with Geneviève!

Geneviève describes Thai yoga massage as a full body, relaxing, and therapeutic massage treatment that combines traditional yoga Aryuveda and massage techniques. It focuses on opening the body to release energy blockages to aid healing and promote relaxation.

She explained that by using an application of rhythmic pressure on meridian pressure points and energy lines, along with aided yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation, tension and blockages can be released.

In short: Thai yoga massage is basically like having someone do yoga for you. You'll be laying down on a yoga mat or a comfy treatment mat, and your job is specifically to *not* help the practicioner move you/your limbs around. You'll be in a nice floppy savasana (corpse pose) for the duration of your massage and Gen assured me that it's totally normal for folks to fall asleep. Sounds dreamy, eh?

Also worth noting: unlike with Swedish/deep tissue massage you'll be clothed the entire time. Since the practicioner will be moving you around a fair bit to manipulate muscles and joints, wear something comfy that allows for full range of motion: anything you'd normally wear to yoga, pilates, barre, or the gym will work just fine, as will your favourite pair of stretchy pants for Netflixing (yes it's a verb). Something like this'll do nicely:

My treatment with Gen was diiiiiiviiiine. I totally relaxed into floppy mode. Throughout the massage she worked witih aromatherapy oils, various levels of tension/pressure, and she thoroughly yet carefully stretched through my tight spots. And I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at some point. I can hardly wait to book another session.

Geneviève has traveled, studied, and taught in numerous countries around the world, and spent the past two two years living in India, where she led yoga teacher training courses. When she wrapped up her time in India she was eager to be a student again, and moved to Thailand where she immersed herself in the study of Thai yoga massage. No better place to do it, right?

And now we're lucky to have her back here in Ottawa, where she's quickly settled into the local yoga community. She's one of the most warm and caring souls you could ever hope to meet and soaking up even a bit of time with her is a gift.

DEAL FOR MY READERS: $50 for 75min

Ready to give Thai yoga massage a try? Sure you are! And I've got a special deal just for you lovely readers: from now through April 30, 2016, mention promo code {amyin613} when you book your massage with Geneviève and receive a 75-minute treatment for just $50. This is a one-time deal so use it while it lasts! Her regular prices are below. Time to get smooshy!

60 minutes..........$75

90 minutes..........$90

2 hours..............$120

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