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see you at the barre (giveaway)

Ever heard of barre fitness? It's based on cross-training done by ballerinas, targeting the core, overall strength, and flexibility. Barre has become hugely popular in the last few years, yet somehow yours truly still hasn't made it to a class. That's changing this weekend 'cause I just heard about The Dailey Method Ottawa.

The Dailey Method Ottawa is a barre fitness studio in the Glebe, located on the second floor of Fifth Avenue Court at 99 Fifth Avenue. Their classes incorporate elements of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training, so you know you're in for a thorough workout from head to toe. I was curious to know how they blend those three styles into a single class, so I asked co-owner Sarah Thompson (that's her in the LOVE tank) to explain:

"Each class begins with high rep movements in a very small range of motion, effectively toning, elongating, and isolating the muscles. We focus on the triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest, back, butt, and legs.

After working each muscle group, we stretch, shaping and leaning out the muscles, and bringing balance through increased flexibility. Our core engagement exercises build proper alignment, learning to stabilize the muscles closest to the spine, improving our natural, functional spine position. This is key for posture and overall spinal health; especially as we age."

Soooo.... as someone who sits in a desk chair 40+ hours a week, that bit about posture and the spine sounds pretty important. Because I *do not* want to be Quasimodo one day. Sarah kindly invited me to take their Blogger Challenge and try out the Dailey Method for a month, so I'm starting this weekend and will give you guys an update in a few weeks' time. And I want you to work out with me! Keep reading and I'll tell you how.

This week the Dailey Method Ottawa turns one year old, and they're celebrating with a two-day open house packed with free classes. Pop by the studio on Friday January 22 and Saturday 23 to try a free class, chat with the teachers, and score discounts on class passes and their retail boutique. FYI, they carry Tonic, a hard-to-find but super awesome Canadian line of workout gear! Then pop back to the studio Saturday night to party with them, because hey, you already earned it in class.

I've signed up for the 3:15-4:15 class on Saturday afternoon, and I'd love for you to come join me. Safety in numbers, right?! And if that time doesn't work for ya, check out the full schedule here.

Since I'm trying the Dailey Method for a whole month, I want you to have a chance to do the same. That's right: IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!!


I'm giving away an unlimited one-month pass to The Daily Method! I'm also throwing in a pair of their sticky socks, like the ones Sarah and her crew are showing off above. That's 30-days of core-building, stretchy-making, spine-healthy workouts to stave off our collective Quasimodos. Sound good?

Here's what to do!

3. Post a blog comment below telling me why you want to try barre fitness.

That's it that's all!

Contest closes this Friday January 22, 2016 at 12:00 noon. Good luck and see you at the barre!


A big congratulations to our winner, Kathleen Murphy Cauley! Kathleen, please shoot me your email address and I'll hook you up. Thank you to all who entered and remember: free classes all day tomorrow (Saturday January 23) and deals on unlimited intro month passes for $59!


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