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laser hair removal 101

As I write this I'm on vacation in Peru, and you know what's been such a bonus? No rushed waxing appointment the day before my travels. No vacay time wasted shaving my legs every day. I'm all done laser hair removal at The Ten Spot and IT IS BOMB.

I'd been curious about laser for about 10 years but only took the plunge a few months ago. Why? All lasers are not created equal. I'm no fan of those that pinch or feel like an elastic band snapping the skin. Who needs that? And I have no patience for lasers that need 12+ treatments... could we cut that in half, plz? ​

life on laser

When The Ten Spot launched laser hair removal last fall, immediately I started reading up. Here's what impressed me:

- Their laser adjusts to your skin tone, hair colour, and hair type to be safe and effective for YOU

- Most peeps only need 6-8 treatments. Two of you told me you only needed 2 rounds for your underarms!

- Their laser has a cool tip that feels smooth on the skin: no burning, snapping, or pinching sensation

Loads of you have pinged me with great questions, so I've rounded up the top 5 to demystify life on laser.

1. does it hurt?

Nope. I'm a wuss and I'd describe it as mild discomfort at most. By round 6 or so, you may feel a smidge more discomfort because the laser is working harder to find the remaining hair. But still very manageable. And I should mention how quick it is: each of my underarms took about 15 seconds (or one Insta story ;)

If you're nervous, I suggest starting with a small area like the underarms: that way you can try laser without committing to a larger area/longer treatment.

2. how much does it cost

If you're shopping around for laser hair removal, here's your formula to figure out total cost and compare apples to apples: cost per treatment x number of treatments = total cost.

For example: you may very well find places charging less per treatment than The Ten Spot. Some will require 12 or more treatments to achieve the desired results. Keep that in mind and ask lots of questions to ensure you have all the info.

Here's a price list for The Ten Spot's most popular laser services:

3. do I have to buy a package?

Nope. The Ten Spot doesn't require you to buy packages or sign contracts that lock you in to a certain number of sessions. You can book as you like, pay as you go, and they refuse to over-treat so you'll only pay for what you need.

Basically: you're in control.

4. Will my hair instantly disappear?

No. Laser is a process. Your hair growth occurs in cycles, and by going for multiple treatments every 4-6 weeks the laser will eventually find every hair at the ideal point in its growth cycle.

Here's how to prep for laser and what to expect:

- avoid any sun exposure/tanning/self-tanning of the area you want to treat

- shave the area the day before your treatment

- avoid exfoliating, hot baths, or sweaty workouts for 24 hours after treatment (can irritate pores)

- for several days after treatment, hair will be pushed up and out of the follicle, and will fall out

- avoid waxing while you're getting laser cuz it interferes with your hair's cycles

- additional pre-laser tips and post-laser tips from The Ten Spot

5. is it permanent?

Pretty much. Most folks who've done laser elsewhere told me they go back about once a year for touch ups. So I'm curious to see if that will be my experience too.

All in all, I can confidently recommend laser at The Ten Spot. I've been going there for years and trust their team completely, so I knew I'd be in good hands.

If you have any other questions or if you decide to try life on laser, let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, I'm gonna throw on a dress and get back to my (fuzz-free) vacation.

finding the ten spot in ottawa

All photos by Hello Lovely Studio

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