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life on laser at the ten spot

Last month I dipped my toe (er, whole leg and underarms) into laser hair removal. I'd been avidly researching laser hair removal for about a decade but didn't take the plunge because I was never satisfied with the available technology. Til now.

I've been a loyal client of The Ten Spot for years, so when they launched their new laser services this fall I started reading up immediately.

And lemme tell you, I was throughly impressed because they're doing EVERYTHING differently. Here's why!

one size doesn't fit all

Previously lasers relied on high contrast between skin and hair, and were non-adjustable. That meant if you had fair skin and dark hair, you were a great candidate. But fair skin and fair hair? Dark skin and dark hair? Not so much. That's hugely exclusionary and just plain sucks.

No so anymore! The Ten Spot is using brand new, patented laser technology that measures the melanin content of your skin and hair, and automatically sends that info back to the laser. That means your service is tailored to your unique hair colour and skin type! YES. FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT.

They even take new readings on every area of your body to make sure you're getting the safest and most effective treatment possible.

no pain = gain

GUYS IT DOESN'T HURT. I am a huge wuss, huge. I don't have tattoos and even getting my ears pierced was a big deal. Shaving has always given me killer in-growns so I put up with the discomfort of waxing for years, but it was never exactly my fave thing to do.

But The Ten Spot's laser. My god. When I went for my first treatment I didn't even realize when the esthetician had started. SERIOUSLY. No pain, only minor discomfort in a few places.

Pain and discomfort are totally subjective so I'll describe what I felt rather than telling you how I think you'll feel. On my legs, my sensitive areas were my shin bone and outer thigh, where I felt a sensation that was similar to plucking an eyebrow hair.

That's seriously it. There for a second then gone. I'd say my most sensitive spots were a 3/10, and the majority of the treatment was a 1/10.

even the underarms

And my underarms... I tried underarm waxing several years ago and I think I saw colours, it hurt that badly. For comparison, I found underarm waxing about 10x worse than bikini, and I gave up on it immediately. So I was nervous about underarm laser.

But The Ten Spot gave me a numbing cream to apply to the area and I didn't feel a thing! Also: each underarm took a total of 15 seconds. 15 SECONDS. It was the length of one Insta Story. You'll be in and out so fast you'll hardly believe it.

bikini is next

I was SO impressed with my first laser experience at The Ten Spot that I'm starting bikini at my next appointment. Both my legs and underarms were such a cinch that I feel 100% confident doing down there.

Did I mention you can watch Netflix during your service? Yup. Throw on Modern Family and you're set. Are any of you thinking about laser? Have questions? Hit me up!

wanna learn more?

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