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happy hour at the barre (giveaway)

Back in January I introduced you folks to The Dailey Method Ottawa, a barre fitness studio located in the Glebe. It's run by Sarah and Jamie, a pair who are charming and enthusiastic partners in crime and in life.

Sarah reached out and asked if I'd try their 30-day blogger challenge, and I decided to give it a go. Dailey Method classes incorporate elements of pilates, yoga, and ballet training, and they use tiny, repetitive movements to fully exhaust one group of muscles before moving on to the next.

In short: you will get shit done at TDM.

Throughout my 30-day challenge, I pliéd, stretched, crunched, and curled my way to muscles that felt both leaner and stronger. Many a time I'd leave a TDM class with shaky legs and a sore core, but I felt great. As they say at the studio, #embracetheshake! My clothes started fitting better (weee!) and their low-impact classes were a great complement to the high intensity spinning, interval, and strength regimen I'd been doing at Iron North. Just a good balance, you know?

And if you're thinking: "I've never taken barre, yoga, or pilates, how the heck will I know what to do?!" Well they thought of that too. At TDM, every new student is welcome to book a free 15-minute one-on-one session with a teacher, where you can learn the foundational movements and lingo you'll encounter in most classes, and it's also a chance to ask as many questions as you want. So smart, eh?

I have to say, the quality of the teaching was exceptional with clear communication, plenty of hands-on adjustments, and they are literally obsessed with proper alignment (love that). But what truly makes this place special is the people and sense of community they've fostered.

Jamie would often have us cracking up in class despite the fact we were working our buns off, and I'll never forget the time he danced to All the Single Ladies (look for him in the back row ;). And Sarah's passion for her students is infectious: she'll make you work hard but she'll also make you want to work hard -- that's an inspiring woman right there. This isn't a big box, faceless gym, it's a place you'll actually look forward to going to because you get to see a bunch of great folks.

Then there was that one time they brought in an incredible local dance teacher to lead an all-Beyoncé dance class. It went a little something like this:

And everybody loved it so much that TDM added a weekly Beyoncé dance class to their schedule, and it kicks off this Saturday. These are good folks. #gothotsauceinmybag

I loved every minute of my experience at The Dailey Method, and I want you to have a chance to do the same. Last time I gave a one-month membership to one lucky reader, but this time let's shake things up a bit, shall we?


This time around I'm giving away a private class at The Dailey Method for you and up to 20 of your closest pals! That's right, it's a TDM party and a whole bunch of you are invited. I suggest you have happy hour at the barre then have happy hour at the bar (Fourth Avenue Wine Bar is right around the corner!).

The lucky winner will also win a pair of Dailey Method barre socks, and can book the private class when it suits their schedule. Pretty cool, eh?

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and I'll announce a winner this Sunday!

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