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sneak peek: iron north fitness

I hadn't planned on doing a post this weekend, but today I tried a class at Iron North Fitness (my first time!) and I *HAD* to share a tidbit. It was that good.

Iron North is located smack in the middle of Hintonburg, which means I can get there on foot -- my preferred mode of transport -- in under 10 minutes. More like 5 minutes actually. I don't know about you, but for me if a fitness regime is gonna stick, it's gotta be convenient.

The entire place is beautiful. In fact, this is probably the most thoughtfully designed gym I've ever been in. Its design is efficient, clean, and modern with rustic touches: think graphic wallpaper, barnboard floors, and cheery yellow accents.

The space is welcoming and gender neutral, and just about anybody would feel at home here.

Today I tried Iron North's "Yoga for Runners" class, since I have the tight hips and hamstrings that most of us runners end up with. Let me tell you: This is NOT gym yoga, this is real yoga. I was impressed with both the environment (calm, quiet, very small class size) and the quality of teaching (clear, confident instruction with hands-on adjustments).

In a couple of weeks I'll be sharing a full review of Iron North Fitness once I've tried their spinning and strength training classes (secret: I'm terrified), but in the meantime I had to tell you how impressed I am so far. High five to this local business that's knocking it out of the park!

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