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wedding guest outfits on a budget

Let’s talk wedding guest outfits for a sec. This summer I’ve got 3 weddings in 4 weeks and boy can it get expensive.

But I think I’ve figured out how to keep my budget in check: I'm only wearing pieces I can re-wear tons. To other weddings, to work, date night, you name it.

1. I’m wearing the same dress to 2 of the 3 weddings cuz there’s very little overlap in the guest list. I scored this one on sale at Vincent Boutique and I love it! It’s stretchy and it’s got the cutest asymmetrical half-peplum. It'll also be perfect for date nights with hubby and events around town.

For the third wedding I’ll wear my black jumpsuit from Trustfund Boutique. It’s super comfy and stays breathable in the heat. AND IT HAS POCKETS. I've already worn it to several parties and events and got compliments and questions on it every time.🙌🏻

Photo: Kamara Morozuk Photography

2. I’m wearing exactly the same jewellery and accessories to all 3 weddings. I have sensitive ears so I tend to avoid fashion jewellery (too much nickel and other crap for moi) and hunt for well-priced, well-made sterling silver pieces. True Bijoux’s Petit Bijoux collection is perfect!

If you’re not familiar with Petit Bijoux, it’s a collection designed by the owner of True Bijoux herself, Lindsay Appotive. Lindsay has sensitive ears just like me, and I love that she created a high quality line that's affordable -- some pieces go on sale for as little as $25! And the styles are so versatile that I wear them all the time, to work and everywhere else. Every piece is made of sterling silver, and some are then plated with gold or rose gold, and some have pearls and gemstones. Quality over quantity, folks!

Are y'all headed to a bunch of weddings this summer? What are you wearing and how do you manage costs? Have fun out there!

Photo: Kamara Morozuk Photography

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