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starting my invisalign journey at docbraces

Oh the irony of getting Invisalign on Halloween. Yesterday I took a BIG step in this dental journey of mine, and wonky timing aside, I couldn't be happier. It took me nearly a year to find the right orthodontist, but it was worth the wait cuz now I’m in great hands at DocBraces.

How’d I get here? Since January I'd been meeting with other orthodontists who wasted my time with multiple appointments, talked to me like I was a kid, and insisted on deposits in the thousands of dollars with aggressive repayment plans.

I was frustrated, disheartened, and felt like there was no way to proceed without turning my financial commitments upside down.

I’d wanted to fix my teeth for decades and hubby was endlessly supportive, but I was deeply worried I’d resent my choice and its impact on my life. On our life. I put my plans on hold indefinitely and gave up, til one day I received an email from DocBraces.

​They’d seen my blog posts (like this one and this one) and Instagram Stories about my decades-long phobia of the dentist (though not anymore, thanks Le Cabinet Dental Care!), and how I'd finally decided to do something about it.

They felt so strongly about their patient care and flexible payment options that they invited me for a consult at their Beacon Hill location so I could see what I thought. I felt I had nothing to lose, so in I went.

Right away, I felt DocBraces put me and my needs first. They wanted to get to know me, they asked great questions, and they were efficient. I felt like they understood where I was coming from as an adult patient, and they appreciated what a big step it was for me to even walk through the door. They also treated my time with respect so I could get on with my day.

The home run: they offer direct billing, flexible payment plans, and they let patients choose a deposit they can afford — even as little as $1. That just felt so... human. I loved the entire team and deeply respected their commitment to busting down barriers to treatment — not just here in Ottawa, but at their locations across Canada. I was ready to sign on the dotted line.

And then something incredible happened. Something I never could have expected.

DocBraces said they admired how openly I’d been sharing my journey, my fears, and my setbacks. And they wanted to provide my Invisalign treatment free of charge.

I almost fell off my chair and could barely hold back the tears.

It still hasn't sunk in.

I never dreamed that doing what I do and and sharing my experiences with you folks could open doors like this. Ever. Blogger mail and face creams are one thing, but this treatment will change my life. My mental health, my physical health. Forever. And I will never take this for granted. Please know this doesn’t change a thing when it comes to how openly and honestly I'll be sharing my Invisalign experience with you, because anything less would undermine the career and community I've worked so hard to build. I'll bring you along for the exciting parts (like yesterday!), the painful parts (my sore gums today), and everything in between.

When I look back I can hardly believe how far I've come in less than a year. I'm deeply grateful for your support on this journey, and if you struggle with your teeth too, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here for ya.


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