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megawatt makeup from mac

Earlier this month I attended the NAC Gala with Diana Ross. And when in the presence of such a living legend, one puts one's best face forward. I knew I wanted disco-worthy makeup, and makeup artist Genevieve Waring at MAC Bay Rideau came highly recommended.

And really, who does over-the-top makeup better than MAC Cosmetics? I booked an appointment right away.

I sat down in Genn's chair and said "I wanna see my highlight from space." She was game. Spoiler alert: Genn is a phenomenal makeup artist and this was my favourite look I've EVER worn, ever. Wedding day included. Best part? You can go see her too! Just call up MAC at Hudson's Bay on Rideau Street (613.241.7511) or send Genn a DM on Instagram.

At MAC you can book an appointment with a minimum $75 purchase, so you'll look amazing and can pick up a few things to recreate the look at home. I loved pretty much everything Genn used, so I spent, uh, considerably more than $75. Here's what I got, clockwise from top left:

mac x aaliyah eye shadow palette

Genn actually used a much larger pro palette on me, but this one has a few similar shades and I loved its compact size. Plus Aaliyah. Plus it was 40% off. If you can still find it, it's currently marked down from $42 to $25! It's called EYE SHADOW X 9: AGE AIN’T NOTHING and the bottom three shades are most similar to what Genn used on me: shimmery, warm, and neutral.

Pro tip from Genn: to create a soft, smokey cat eye like mine without the hassle of liquid liner, do you eyeshadow then use a makeup wipe. At the outer corner of your eye, use the wipe to sweep upward towards the end of your brow. Voilà: perfectly even cat eyes!

mac prep+prime fix+

I'd been wanting to try MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ for ages thanks to my favourite makeup artist of all time: Katie Jane Hughes. Follow her on Instagram and she'll change your (makeup) life. She recommends spraying Fix+ on your brush before applying metallic shadows to make them pop. Genn used the same technique and OMG: megawatt shimmer!

When Genn was done my look she also used a few spritzes to set my makeup, which kept it looking fresh all night. I picked up a bottle in MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Pinklite ($30) cuz I never met anything rose gold that I didn't need.

mac extra dimension skinfinish

Like I said, I wanted to see my highlight from space: a gala with the queen of disco is no time for subtlety. I figured that was no problem for the brand that invented strobing. Genn used MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Show Gold, $39. It's a luminous liquid-to-powder highlighter in a peachy shade with a flash of rose gold. HEAVEN. MAC claims this formula will last for 10 hours, and I can say from experience that's absolutely true.


I also grabbed MAC's 170 foundation brush, $42: it's a flat-head design that buffs beautifully and leaves no brush strokes, hallelujah! My girl @Chantsy recommended it a while back and I'm so glad I took her advice. Blends like a dream and doesn't absorb as much product as sponges.

mac pro longwear lip pencil

MAC Pro Longwear is one of my all-time favourite lip pencil formulas because it lasts for ages without drying the lips. I prefer a neutral lip for long nights in front of the camera (bold colours are more obvious when they begin to wear off), so Genn created a warm neutral base using the shade Nice 'N' Spicy, $26. Major 90s vibes. If you own the iconic MAC Spice, think of this as its longer-lasting cousin.

mac liptensity lipstick

Next Genn layered on lipstick. Since I've got dry lips she recommended MAC Liptensity Lipstick, which I'd never tried. It's a highly pigmented gel formula that glides on smoothly and won't dry out. Bingo! She used Clouds In My Coffee, a beautiful rosy nude $26.

mac 48 lash

My natural lashes are fine, sparse, and short, so I love me some false lashes for a big event. Genn used MAC 48 Lash, a long, wispy style that blended well with my own lashes. LOVE. She was an ace at applying them and they stayed put all night. This pair cost me $20 and I'll get 3-5 wears out of them.

That's it! Click here to see my finished look over on Instagram. I have a pretty significant makeup stash at home but I'm so happy I booked with Genn and I'm thrilled with all my purchases. I've used several of them a few times already!

What's your own favourite look you've tried lately? Any new products or techniques you're loving? Tell me in the comments!

FYI: these beautiful black roses are from Alta Vista Flowers!

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