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drench your skin in biotherm

Is your skin feeling zapped? Me too. After lots of sunshine, cottage weekends, patio afternoons, late nights... my skin's depleted. Not dry, more like dehydrated. It needs a tall glass of water and I bet yours does too.

Did you know most of us have dehydrated skin? And did you know there's a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin? Here's what you need to know:

Dry skin is a type: it happens to those of us whose skin doesn't produce enough oil in its deeper layers.

Dehydrated skin is a condition: it can happen to any of us when the upper layers of the skin are short on water. Say, zapped by sun and too much wine.

You can tackle dehydrated skin by drinking more water (I know I should), and by using skincare that boosts hydration levels. And Biotherm has made some serious HG skincare to relieve dehydration. Let's do this.

I've never been one for gel-based moisturizers. My skin's both dry and dehydrated, so I've always thought more is more: gimme a buttery, rich cream and I'm a happy girl.

But Aquasource Everplump is a featherweight gel formula, and I was amazed by worked for me: it's light as air and totally soothed my skin. I use it every morning and I'm on my third jar! Fabulous under makeup too.

I was already hooked on the original Aquasource Everplump when this new nighttime version launched, so I had *extremely* high expectations. And holy heck: run, don't walk, to get a jar of Aquasource Everplump Night.

It's an indigo-hued jello texture that you apply at bed time, and it'll melt into your skin all night long. When I use it I wake up with hydrated, glowing, happy skin. I never ever want to run out so I keep a back-up at all times. It's that good.

This lip balm. So good. Much like its skincare cousins, Aquasource Plump & Glow lip balm will hydrate your lips and plump them up. Its fabulous under lipstick or great on its own for hydration, fullness, and shine. I love that it comes in a squeeze tube so you don't need to stick your fingers into a pot of product: much more sanitary and less messy too.

where to buy biotherm

Shoppers Drug Mart


Hudson's Bay

Pssssst: I'm giving away this entire skincare collection over on Instagram, go check it out!

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