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good hair days ahead with cake beauty

Nothing like a good hair day to put a spring in our step, eh? But who has time in the morning for elaborate styling? And how do you choose from a sea of products? Not to worry: I've found a proudly Canadian company making cruelty-free haircare that delivers on its promises and saves you time. For real.

Cake Beauty was created by a Canadian #bossbabe named Heather, who was frustrated that she couldn't find indulgent girlie products made with natural ingredients. So she got creative in her kitchen and began whipping up concoctions for bath, body, and hair. Et voilà, her company was born!

Cake is based in Toronto where they proudly make all their cruelty-free vegan and vegetarian products. They recently launched the Cake Beauty Dry Styling Collection and I've been testing it out for the last two months to see if it was up to snuff. Buckle your seat belts because these babies are holy grail status!

This is the ULTIMATE dry shampoo. It's a super fine spray that leaves zero white residue (even on my black hair) and it literally smells like cake. The spray can is powerful so all you need are a few short bursts. Instant oomph and texture! Also available in travel size for $10.

Dry conditioner. Yup. It's as awesome as you'd think. A quick mist over your entire head will boost shine, cut frizz, revive your style, and add a hint of that scrumptous Cake scent, all without adding weight. I never ever want to be without this stuff.

As a gal with naturally curly/wavy hair, I was an instant fan of this stuff. Unlike most sprays that promise beachy waves, Cake's version is made with sugar instead of salt so I didn't find drying. Didn't affect my colour either! Mist it all over damp hair and air-dry for mermaid waves with a hint of sweetness. Also available in travel size for $12.

Tinted dry shampoo, YAAAAS. Many formulas leave behind a white residue that's super visible on my dark hair. NOT CUTE. I've never had that problem with Cake but they went the extra mile and created three tinted versions: light, medium, and dark. Tap a little powder into your hands then work it through your roots. Ta da! Also available in a travel size that's currently on sale for just $5.

Tinted dry shampoo on the go! Available in light, medium, and dark shades, this formula includes a built-in brush so you can apply in a Jiffy. Toss it in your purse or your gym bag and you're off to the races. Added bonus: if your roots are showing (guilty as charged), this'll help cover 'em up.

My blogger pal Daly Beauty recommended Cake's Inca Oil ages ago and I was pumped to try it. And it's every bit as good as she said. It's silicone free so there's no build-up, it boots shine, cuts frizz, and it's a multitasker to boot: use it on your hair, your face, or your body! Also available in travel size for $22.

win cake's dry styling collection

Wanna win some Cake? I'm giving away a $150 Cake Beauty prize containing ALL the products above plus a super cute #cakemyday mug. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and all entries are optional.

This contest is open to Canada and the US and closes at 11:59pm EDT on Thursday May 4, 2017. I'll announce the winner the next day!

Best of luck and here's to good hair days. xo

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