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stylish specs in the 613: part ii

Last week I went shopping for new specs at Eyemaxx Optical Studio, a locally-owned Ottawa eyewear boutique on Elgin Street. As you folks may recall, I tried on oodles and oodles of frames and was pretty gobsmacked by the sheer amount of choice.

I mean, between gorgeous frames by Prada, SALT Optics, Tom Ford, Garrett Leight, Rayban, and Dick Moby, how was I to choose? But with the help of the stylish and experienced staff at Eyemaxx (shout-out to Kaytlyn and Nicole!!) we narrowed it down to my number one pick:

These feather-light beauties by Dior! I squealed with delight, hugged the Eyemaxx gals, and went out galavanting with Jamie from Hello Lovely Studio for a super fun photo shoot.

Whadda we think? Like 'em?

I'm in love!

Also I love coffee. Especially Ministry of Coffee. The precciiiooouusssss...

Since my new specs are a neutral matte navy, they'll pair perfectly with my many bright lippies:

I have a strong and complicated prescription (I'm in the -6.0 range with astigmatism and some other funny business), so I went for top-of-the line high-index Nikon lenses and they are crystal frigging clear.

No distortion, no glare, no halos, no nothing. LOVE.

Jamie and I popped over to Pot & Pantry for a photo op with their epic pineapple wall. My pal Robin runs the shop, drop by and she'll help with all your kitchen questions!

This is Robin:

Isn't her pineapple wall amazing?

And Look! I found a Nanaimo bar recipe in this all-Canadian cookbook!!!

EXCLUSIVE 613 DEAL at eyemaxx

Are you peeps ready to save a bundle at Eyemaxx? Need new specs, shades, or contacts?

Stop by Eyemaxx Optical Studio on Elgin Street and tell 'em Amy in 613 sent ya!

Mention you heard about them from me and you'll get access to exclusive Eyemaxx deals created just for you lovely readers:

  • 20% off prescription eyeglasses​

  • 20% off prescription sunglasses​

  • 20% off a year supply of contact lenses​

  • 15% off non-prescription sunglasses

These deals apply to everything Eyemaxx sells: every designer frame, every pair of designer sunglasses, every type of lens (even invisible bifocals and transitions!), all their contacts, everything. No exceptions and no fine print!

Get in there and treat yourself to some new specs this spring.

All photos by the incredible Hello Lovely Studio, © 2017.

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