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stylish specs in the 613: part i

This one's for my fellow glasses-wearing folks. Anyone else get frustrated when it's time to shop for a new pair? I've been wearing glasses since the early nineties so I've hunted for my fair share of glasses. And for years I was frustrated by crummy selection, sub-par service, and lack of expertise. Anybody else?

But in 2015 I discovered Eyemaxx Optical Studio, a locally-owned Ottawa eyewear boutique on Elgin Street. And now I won't go anywhere else. Their optometrists are friendly and thorough (they have online booking and weekend appointments!), their selection of frames and designers will blow ya mind, and best of all:

Every single member of the Eyemaxx team knows their stuff. They know their inventory, they know face shapes, and they know fit. They will flat-out refuse to sell you a pair of glasses that are anything less that perfect for your face shape, proportions, and personal style. For me, that was a game changer.

I have a wide face, square jaw, full cheeks, and a narrow nose. For years I'd gone elsewhere and been sold glasses elsewhere that were too tight on my face, too loose on the bridge of my nose, and they'd move up and down when I smiled because they were getting bumped by my round cheeks. I won't name and shame but I'm sure you can guess a few of the big chains.

For the first 20+ years of my glasses-wearing life I actually thought I was the problem and no one made glasses that would properly fit me, because they never did.

Til Eyemaxx.

From the get-go I've been wowed by their range of sizes, styles, and designers, and their staff's keen ability to listen to your needs, observe your style, and suggest a range of frames that'll be the perfect fit.

My current go-to glasses are by SALT Optics (Eyemaxx is the only place in Ottawa where you'll find SALT!), and after a year and a half I still adore them. But I was itching to add another style to my collection so back to Eyemaxx I went!

Kaytlyn and Nicole pulled a bunch of styles just for me and we got started.

First of up was this stylish and affordable pair of Raybans that'll go with anything:

Then these clear Tom Ford lovelies, my oh my!

Then this retro-inspired style by Garrett Leight:

Or these transparent blush beauties by SALT Optics:

And these feather-light metal frames by Dior:

And these translucent pinkies by Dick Moby:

And these chic acetate frames by Dior:

Guys. How was I supposed to pick from all these gorgeous frames?! With help from my style advisors Kaytlyn and Nicole I finally did manage to pick out a pair, so check back next Monday to see which ones I chose. Any guesses?

save a bundle at eyemaxx

Need some new specs of your own? You lovely readers can save a bundle at Eyemaxx!

Just tell 'em Amy in 613 sent you and you'll save 15-20% on ALL prescription glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses, and even non-prescription designer sunglasses:

  • 20% off prescription eyeglasses​

  • 20% off prescription sunglasses​

  • 20% off a year supply of contact lenses​

  • 15% off non-prescription sunglasses

Happy shopping and stay tuned for next Monday's reveal!

All photos by the immensely talented Hello Lovely Studio.

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