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new year, new skin (giveaway)

Hands up if your skin is still recovering from Christmas cocktails. Late nights. Holiday makeup. I hear ya. After an over-the-top December, this January I'm hitting reset on my skin cuz it's the only one I've got. Spoiler alert: I'm giving away my new skincare faves from Biotherm Canada!

Sugar, alcohol, heavy makeup, and late nights drain our skin of precious moisture -- and that's before you factor in chilly temps and indoor heating. My skin's been craving a tall drink of water and I bet yours is too.

Confession time: as a skincare junkie I'm feeling a bit sheepish. Til recently I'd never tried Biotherm, despite the fact it's one of the most respected skincare brands on the planet. So l did some digging and here's what I learned:

In the 1950s, and French doctor Jos Julien noticed the rejuvenating effects of thermal springs in the Pyrenees. Up to that point the springs had mostly been known as a tourist destination, but he wanted to bring the restorative properties of thermal water to the masses.

He teamed up with Monaco-based cosmetician Jeanine Marissal and together they created a skincare line featuring thermal waters: you guessed it, Biotherm!

Here's a throwback ad from the 1950s:

Damn, those springs look like fun! But I digress.

I've been testing Biotherm's hydrating skincare goodies and my skin's been drinking them up. I love finding products that do exactly what they say they'll do. So refreshing!

Here's what I've been using and loving:

Biotherm Life Plankton Essence is a toner and serum in one. It's a bi-phase liquid, which means it's light as water but offers the hydration of a serum. Start by cleansing your skin, then shake well and drop a little Life Plankton Essence onto your fingers or a cotton. Gently pat or spread over your face and neck. Great for all skin types, smells fresh, and preps your skin so it can better drink up your moisturizer. $67 for a 125ml glass bottle that feels weighty and luxe.

Biotherm Aquasource Everplump is a plumping, smoothing moisturizer suitable for all skin types. It has a dense, gel texture that's light as air but packed with moisture. That means your skin will feel nourished and happy without a hint of greasiness. I absolutely LOVE this moisturizer and have been using it religiously. My skin feels baby soft! Great for daytime as it's good under makeup, and at night time I apply a slightly thicker layer and use it like a moisture mask. $60 for a 50ml glass jar.

Biotherm Skin Best Eyes is a no-fuss lightweight eye cream that's perfect for day. It absorbs quickly and is designed to fight dark circles and fine lines. I love the handy little pump bottle! Just one pump gives you enough product for above and below both eyes. $50 for a 15ml plastic pump bottle.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil is a gel/cream hybrid that's packed with oils to pamper the skin. This is a facial in a jar! It's formulated to minimize wrinkles, and improve elasticity, radiance, and tone. Can't go wrong with that! This is a richer cream so I recommend using it at night time. I'd say it's best for normal to dry skin, or for anyone who prefers a moisturizer with a dewy feel. $79 for a 50ml glass jar.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye is an intensive eye cream that I find works best at night. Unlike Skin Best Eyes, this formula comes in a little glass jar and is much thicker, so I prefer it at night when it can really sink in. This probably wouldn't be your best bet under makeup. That said, at night it's dreamy! It targets wrinkles and dark circles, and firms up the eye area. Dab a little onto your finger and that'll be enough for above and below both eyes. $60 for a 15ml glass jar.

tips for APPLYING eye cream

  • Apply eye cream with your ring or pinky finger: you'll be much more gentle than if you use your middle or index.

  • No jabbing around or rubbing the delicate eye area: this pulls at the skin and can actually cause new fine lines.

  • Instead, gently dab or pat your eye cream into place using your ring finger or pinky. Done!

the bottom line

If you're doing the math you've noticed Biotherm skincare ain't cheap. Straight up, this is a high quality line with the price tag to go with it. That said, I never feel guilty splurging on skincare because hey, we only get one shot with our skin. I wouldn't think twice about spending $60 on a sweater, so I figure the least I can do is treat my face.

Value-wise, Biotherm skincare will last you quite a while: I've been testing this range for over a month and have hardly made a dent. Based on my use so far, I estimate these products will last 4-6 months each. Biotherm skincare is potent, so after the first week or two you may discover you've been using more product than you need, and can scale back. A little goes a long way!

If you're curious about Biotherm but splurging on a whole regime isn't in the cards, start with the Life Plankton Essence and the Aquasource Everplump moisturizer. For me, those were the two standouts:

  • Both can be used by all skin types, morning and night

  • Both products are gentle enough for the delicate eye area

  • If you like a simple routine, use these two after your favourite cleanser and you're set

where to buy biotherm

Hey, wanna win some? Let's do this!

win $250 in biotherm skincare

Biotherm has graciously provided a luxurious skincare package worth over $250, and all you Canadian residents are eligible to win! Here's what's included in the prize:

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and all entry actions are optional. The more you do, the better your chances of winning!

Contest is open to all Canadian residents and closes on January 20 at 11:59pm EST. I'll announce the winner the very next day!

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