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road trip sample sale! (giveaway)

SAMPLE SALE ALERT. THIS IS NOT A TEST. This Sunday Roadtrip and Trustfund Boutique are co-hosting their MASSIVE annual sample sale. That's right, this is your one chance all year long to shop insane deals from these two local boutiques. Quick here's the deets:

WHERE: Clarendon Court right outside Roadtrip, in the Byward Market

WHEN: Sunday July 24, 2016 from 9:00am - 11:00am

WHY: They're clearing their closets with deals starting at just $9!

The awesome crew that runs these sister stores has gathered up a metric boatload of one-of-a-kind samples and exclusive stock their designers sent just for this event. You can expect lots of your favourite Roadtrip brands plus some posh finds from Roadtrip too!

Be sure to read all the way to the end because I've got tips on how to shop a REAL New York-style sample sale (no change rooms, peeps!) and I'm giving away two gorgeous purses too.

The sample sale will have plenty of choice for both men and women, with most items priced from $9 to $49. I'm talking 40% - 80% off! What the what?!!? I was lucky enjoy to get a sneak peek so here are a few of my top picks that you'll find Sunday at the sale:

festival fashion forever:

effortless chic in the heat:

girls night out!

your go-to wedding outfit:

for walking the dog (obVI):

date night:

what you need to know

1. The sale is 9:00-11:00am but arrive early. They often sell out by 10:30am!

2. Watch Roadtrip's Facebook page this week, they'll be previewing sample sale items.

3. The sale IS NOT a cash only event: cards are welcome! Don't worry about hitting the ATM.

4. Expect a wide variety of sizes for men and women. This is not a model-sizes only sample sale.

5. Gift certificates and credit notes are not redeemable at the sale.

6. Bring wallets, wristlets, or small purses. Bags larger than a kleenex box will not be allowed in.

7. If it rains, check the Sample Sale Event Page for updates re: rescheduling.

8. Nothing currently in the shops will be at the sale. So no need to worry about that sweet dress you scored today being hugely discounted on Sunday. :)

9. NO FITTING ROOMS. This is a true NYC-style sale so no change rooms, mirrors only. Wear your best sample sale outfit (leggings and a tank top) and bring an honest pal who never steers you wrong.

10. If someone else grabs that top you were eyeing: REMAIN CALM. BE COOL. If they sense your desperation it's game over. Wait for them to move on then snatch it up. VICTORY!!!

win a roadtrip handbag!

To get you even more excited about the sale, I'm giving away TWO Roadtrip handbags that have been plucked from their sample sale treasure trove. I'm giving away one right here on the blog, and keep an eye on my Instagram tomorrow morning because the other is exclusively for my Insta folks!

Here's the prize for this giveaway: a gorgeous floral tote by Darling London! Scroll down to enter.

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and complete as many actions as you like! With each action your name goes into the hat again to boost your chances of winning. I've given you oodles of entry options so do as many as you want and I'll announce a winner this Friday July 22.

The winner MUST be a local resident and MUST be able to pick up their prize in person at Roadtrip within 30 days, or we'll draw another name. Best of luck!

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