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dress for success donation drive @ vincent

This weekend the lovely gals of Vincent (aka the chicest pair in town) are holding a pretty fantastic event: their Dress for Success Donation Drive. This Friday and Saturday, you can bring your lightly worn office wear to Vincent and they'll donate it to Dress for Success.

DFS is a not-for-profit that provides job interview coaching and professional wardrobes to marginalized and under-employed women looking to find new work. With the help of DFS, these women can stride into an interview feeling capable and confident, and SLAY. How empowering is that? I love the Vincent ladies for doing this, brava Ang and Amanda.

This Friday and Saturday, bring your lightly worn office wear to Vincent and they'll reward you with a discount on any purchases you make.

Here's how it works:

step 1: cleanse your closet

2. before you donate, ask yourself...

“Would I wear these clothes to a professional job interview?”

“Would I hire someone wearing these clothes to a professional job interview?”

Dress for Success has very limited storage space and they want to give our clients the very best work-appropriate clothing possible, so they ask that you carefully review your clothing to help them meet the needs of the wonderful women they serve.


  • Suits and separates that are modern/current and in great interview-ready condition

  • Gently used, clean business appropriate shoes, purses and jewellery

  • Seasonal clothing clients can wear right away (DFS doesn't have space to store out-of-season clothing)

  • Clothing that is clean, laundered or dry-cleaned and on hangers.

  • New hosiery and undergarments (tags on, unopened packaging)

  • Unopened toiletries and cosmetics


  • Exercise, lounging or denim clothing, running shoes or sneakers

  • Novelty items such as t-shirts and sweaters with graphic logos or prints

  • Formal and/or evening wear, purses or shoes

  • Clothing that is torn, missing buttons or dirty

  • Clothing that is in plastic shopping or grocery bags - think of your donation as a gift

  • Used undergarments

3. enjoy savings at vincent

Spend $100, save $10

Spend $250, save $30

Spend $350, save $50

Spend $550, save $100

Spend $750, save $150

That's all there is to it! So let's get going on our closets and I'll see you at Vincent this weekend. I've got my eye on this sweet little blouse by Aigle, go take a peek at Vincent's pretty new webstore so you can pre-shop! See y'all soon. xo

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