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never clean your house again (giveaway)

I have a confession to make: I'm bad at adulting. I hate cleaning my house and will come up with any excuse not to do it. Kitchen needs tidying? Oh wait, I need to write a blog post. Time to scrub the bathroom? Oops, I'm busy washing my hair. Kitchen floor needs to be mopped? Think I feel a pedicure coming on.

I mean sure, the house looks great afterward. But honestly, I like to keep pretty busy and the last thing I want to spend time on is vacuuming when I could be out with pals or getting sweaty at Iron North. So no thanks. About two years ago my hubby and I decided enough was enough and hired a professional cleaning service for biweekly cleanings. It was amazing. The amount of time it freed up was incredible and it was beyond lovely to come home to a sparkly clean house.

But as time passed we kinda fell out of love with our cleaning service. The quality of their work was thorough and consistent but they were a bit old fashioned, TBH. They only accepted payment by cheque or cash (for real!?? it's 2016!) and we realized they were literally the only reason we were still using cheques at all. And cheques ain't free. Plus they'd cash them irregularly, which was annoying, so we decided to look elsewhere.

Enter Mopify.

Mopify might be the best thing to happen to your house and your free time. I randomly came across them on Twitter and boy was I impressed when I clicked through to their website:

What now? I can book online? Pay online? Manage my preferences and any instructions for the cleaners online? I'll get a text alert when my next cleaning is booked, when my cleaner arrives, and when they've finished the job? And I can select preferred days and times? For reals?

AND I can get a quote in just a few seconds vs. having to send an email and wait (or worse yet, needing to book an appointment for a home tour)? YES. A million times yes.

I was impressed by the straightforward list of what's included in every Mopify cleaning and I was ready to give them a try. I used the handy estimate calculator to enter a few details about my home (square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and pets), and in just a few clicks I had my quote.

A short while later my phone buzzed and I was notified that Sue had been assigned to my home and would arrive at about noon on Monday. Perfect! I used Mopify's dashboard to leave parking info and some other details for Sue, and Mopify took care of the rest.

Sue came Monday, right on schedule at noon, and as promised I received a text when she arrived. Then a couple of hours later I received a second text indicating she was all done, and I saw in my Mopify dashboard that she even left a sweet note about my kitties (I like this woman already). Now, Mopify is significantly more affordable than the other service I'd been using, so I was curious to see the quality of their work (and if it was too good to be true).

When I got home from my office I opened the door and I swear my house sparkled from top to bottom:

I mean seriously, even the cats approve (thanks cats, super helpful). Safe to say I'm officially converted to Mopify. I've now set up biweekly cleanings and I'm excited for Sue's next visit in two weeks. My house is excited for Sue's next visit too - she takes better care of it than I do anyway.

Does your place need to get Mopified? I gotchya.

save $20 on your first mopify cleaning

Use this link to sign up for a Mopify cleaning and you'll get $20 off your first visit. Once you're a Mopify client you'll receive a referral code you can share with your friends: they'll get $20 off their first cleaning and you'll get $20 off your next cleaning as a thank you for spreading the word! These Mopify folks are the bees knees, eh?

But that's not all:

GET MOPIFied with a $100 giftcard

I'm giving away a $100 Mopify gift card to one lucky reader! That's right, your place can be just as sparkly and clean as mine (cats not included). Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and I'll announce a winner next Monday, March 7, 2016!

And keep your eyes peeled because very soon I'll be giving away another $100 Mopify gift card over on the Amy in 613 Facebook page.

As for me, I'm gonna go get that pedicure; my house will be clean when I get home. ;)


A big whopping congratulations to Christine Rainey: Christine, you don't have to clean your house! I know you're going to love Mopify so go put your feet up and let them do the work. Your house will be shine after!

Thank you to the 1,800 of you who entered and remember: you can use this link to get $20 off your first cleaning!

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