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time to pop champagne!

Time to pop champagne! It's been a pretty incredible year for yours truly and I have much to be thankful for. This year I finally got off my butt and built this little blog, and I can hardly believe the ride it's been so far: the incredible readers I've met, the wonderful businesses I've worked with, it's exceeded everything I could have hoped for.

When I launched the blog on September 29th I set a big goal: I wanted to hit 10,000 pageviews by the end of the year. Well, I'm ecstatic to report that over 20,000 of you have now visited my site. I can't even believe it. I am so humbled by you folks who follow along enthusiastically week after week, entering my giveaways and sending hilarious tweets, 'grams, and comments about the new 613 businesses and goodies you're trying. I'm thrilled so very many of you share my passion for all things Ottawa.

2015, you've been grand. Here's to much, much more in 2016!

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