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get great skin at the body shop

I've been in a long-term relationship with The Body Shop since I was about 12 years old. In middle school I visited the location in my small town for my first ever makeover: All-In-One Face Base and Lip Scuff, am I right?! I then obsessed over their prodcuts all the way through high school and university, hoarding my stash of Dewberry, Vanilla, White Musk, and Fuzzy Peach... and all while wearing one of their iconic AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING t-shirts of course.

Eventually The Body Shop fell off my radar and I moved on to other brands, but last summer we got back together. I started using their shower gels again (honestly, is there a better deal than their $4 shower gel promos?). And I fell in love. Again.

By fall I was smitten with their skincare lines, especially Oils of Life and Drops of Youth. And I have to tell you, I almost freaked out this January when I saw my faves from Drops of Youth in the discontinued section of their site. How could they get rid of such great products, especially after I'd just found them? The injustice!

So last week I visited the Rideau Centre store to ask about my disappearing favourites. And thank goodness, they assured me the line was simply being improved, expanded, updated, and repackaged. Phew! I chatted with Nicole, who's the resident skincare guru at the Rideau Centre location, and she gave me the full story.

She explained that the new Drops of Youth formulas had been retooled to contain even more effective anti-aging ingredients than the orignals: instead of one plant stem cell (edelweiss), the new versions contain three: edelweiss (from Italy), criste marine (from France), and sea holly (also from France). All three ingredients have long been known for their protective, repairative, and anti-aging properties, so Nicole was willing to bet I'd like these versions even better than the originals. She set me up with the new versions of the Drops of Youth Concentrate and the Bouncy Sleeping Mask, and the brand new Drops of Youth moisturizer, and I headed home to begin testing all three.

Side note: can I just say how helpful it is to chat with staff who really know their stuff? Bravo, Nicole! Grade A customer service from that gal. Body Shop HQ, take note. :)

I agreed to take the Drops of Youth 28-Day Challenge, where you try the new Drops of Youth line (specifically the concentrate and moisturizer) for 28 days, and if you don't see a difference in your skin they'll give you your money back. No harm no foul, right?

I have to say: at Day 5 I'm already impressed. Let's talk product!


I love serums because they contain more concentrated doses of ingredients and can improve the skin quickly. I was a big fan of the previous Drops of Youth serum and I'm really enjoying this new version too. Just like before, I apply a single drop of Youth Concentrate in the morning after my toner and before my moisturizer, and I found the improved eye dropper in the new bottle easier to use than the old one (old one got a bit gunky sometimes).

Remember to resist the urge to pile it on, just one squeeze from the glass dropper is all you need. The new version of the serum still has almost no scent so should be just fine for sensitive folks.

It's worth noting that this one's a better value than its predecessor since it priced at $50 for 50ml rather than $40 for 30ml.


This cream is a brand new addition to the line and it's lovely. It has a light and airy whipped texture that reminded me of the Bouncy Sleeping Mask from this same line. It's hydrating but never greasy, leaving zero residue behind on the skin. The clean scent is extremely mild and doesn't stick around, so even if you're sensitive I don't think you'll have any trouble with this one.

In the evenings I've been using the richer Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Cream, so this new (and lighter) Drops of Youth formula has been perfect addition to my morning routine. It's the perfect skin-prep before applying makeup and sinks in quickly.


I. Love. This. Stuff. You may remember that the previous version quickly became one of my faves. faves. The Body Shop calls this mask "bouncy" and I really can't think of a better way to describe the texture. It's a white gel/cream hybrid that's light, not at all thick or sticky, and it jiggles when you touch it. Just like the old version, the new one also contains a wee spatula, which is super helpful since you need so little product and a single scoop will do ya.

Never used a sleeping mask? Here's the drill: at night after you've cleansed, toned -- and if you're dry, moisturized -- use the little spatula to drop just a dab into your hand then spread a thin, even layer all over your face. No rinsing! Head to bed and leave this baby on overnight. It won't feel sticky, greasy, or creamy, it feels more like a light gel on the skin. If it feels at all sticky you've used to much, so scale it back. If your complexion leans oilier you can probably skip your usual moisturizer.

Just like with the Drops of Youth Concentrate (and the previous version of this mask), I immediately noticed a plumping and firming action. My pal Stacey of Not Just Baby Brain tried out the Bouncy Sleeping Mask this weekend while we were enjoying a gals' getaway at Fairmont's Le Chateau Montebello, and she commented how amazing her skin felt in the morning. Top marks from both of us!


The Body Shop really pulled out all the stops with this re-launch, so they want everyone to know about it. So much so that they're holding a party at the Rideau Centre store this Friday night and they've asked me to co-host! OMG! Here's the 411:

WHAT: Drops of Youth Event

WHEN: Friday February 5, 2016, from 4pm-9pm

WHERE: The Body Shop, 3rd floor of the Rideau Centre near Tiffany


  • Light refreshments

  • Preferred pricing when you buy Youth Concentrate and Youth Cream: $60 for the pair (save $14)

  • Personalized skincare consultations by skincare expert Nicole and the Rideau Centre team

  • Free samples of the new Drops of Youth products

  • Free facial massages with any purchase

  • If you're a Love Your Body member, you'll get double points AND a free gift with all purchases

I'll be at the store from 4pm-6pm this Friday night, so please drop by and say hello. Let's chat skin!


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