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new year, new ... me?

Folks, I've got some news to share. After 10 years working in communications in the Canadian federal government, today I submitted my letter of resignation. That's right: I'm dropping the safety net and the golden handcuffs and I'm off to pursue new adventures. I've accepted an incredible offer from the Givopoly Corporation: I'm their first ever Director of Communications and Partnerships. My responsibilities will include both Givopoly and its sister organization, numbercrunch, and I can hardly wait to get started.

My public service career has been incredibly rewarding, particularly my five or so years at Finance Canada. Nowhere else in governement have I worked with such driven and hardworking people (you know who you are) who inspired me to be fearless and bullshit-proof.

Through the wee hours of the morning we copy-edited budget documents our PJs, we worked marathon days on the road pulling press conferences together at the drop of a hat, and well, I won't even talk about our post-budget shenanigans. It's been an honour and a pleasure. In my 10 years in the public service I've never encountered a more dedicated and tireless group of people. But it's time to move on. Most of you folks already know I'm all about partnerships and collaboration, and that's the bread and butter of my new job. If you think your small biz might be a good fit for Givopoly or if you simply want to chat about the future, please shoot me a DM or an email at I'd love to hear from you.

I'm so humbled to have this opportunity and I'm excited for a career without a safety net. Thank you to each and every one of you who encouraged me to pursue what I love, I'm forever grateful to you.

And to my amazing readers: so many of you have already the most thoughtful, kind, and in some cases hilarious messages and comments. I'm lucky indeed to be surrounded by such wonderful folks! This new role isn't going to affect Amy in 613 so stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming.

Here's to doing what you love, y'all. xo


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