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let's kick off 2016! but first, coffee (giveaway)

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope y'all had a great time celebrating on New Year's Eve, whether you painted the town red or stayed in for a Netflix binge. My hubby and I managed to do both: first we stuffed our faces and drank a ton of wine at Two Six Ate (their four-course tasting menu was INSANE), then we walked home in the snow and binged on The Good Wife (all hail Saint Alicia!) while the cats slept. Life is good.

If you're like me, I bet you're needing some extra help to rise and shine on these sleepy holiday mornings. Especially after New Year's, am I right? Maybe an extra cuppa in your favourite mug? I've got a new favourite mug by a charming little biz based right here in the 613.

Wait for it...

Freaking awesome right? There are few things I like better than Biggie (may he rest in peace) and even fewer things I like better than coffee, so my head nearly exploded when I saw this little gem. Coffee + Biggie puns = mornings ain't so bad.

This mug is one in a collection created by a local biz called The Cookery Bistro, based in Ottawa's west end. I only just recently heard of this little place when I stumbled on their mugs, I had no idea they were also a teensy kitchen making real food with ingredients you can pronounce. So I looked them up. The Cookery is a charming take-out and catering food shop tucked into a non-descript medical building in Kanata: blink and you'll miss this little gem, which would be a shame. Their coffee is fair trade organic that's always freshly ground, they make fresh juices on-site, and their sandwiches, salads, and sweets will have you drooling. Like for real.

Meet the Crumpwich, an open faced crumpet with an over easy egg, brie, avocado, prosciutto, scallions and smoked sea salt:

Or the Pig & Fig: thick oven roasted ham, house made fig compote, creamy brie slices, cracked black pepper, greens & mayo. No wonder it's the most popular sandwich on their menu.

Or the Walker Breakfast Ranger, one of their most popular breakfast sandwiches made with egg, brie, maple bacon & greens:

You may have noticed they like Brie. Can't really blame them. And here's a little peek at their freshly made juices. Aren't they so gosh darn cute?

So who are the folks making these mouthwatering dishes and pouring that fair trade coffee?

The Cookery was founded by Catalina and Darren, who were brought together by their love of food, coffee, and of course, hip hop. Back in 2010 they launched their little kitchen with just over 125 square feet of space. Talk about making the most of what you've got. They serve breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday, and offer catering for offices and get-togethers of all kinds.

They opened their biz because they wanted to make real food with real ingredients, and that's exactly what they're doing: soups made from scratch the old fashioned way, sandwiches made with real meat, real cheesees, and fresh veggies (no deli slices or processed cheese here), and fresh, healthy salads that are anything but boring. Like this Niçoise:

But back to them mugs for a sec. I mentioned that Cat and Darren love food AND hip hop, and they'd been brainstorming ways to bring a little swag to their west-end kitchen. They serve (and drink) a ton of coffee, and everybody knows that boring mugs are, well, BORING, right? So they dreamed up a whole line of punny hip hop mugs. Ya dig?

Fan of Biggie? They got you. Love Snoop? They feel that. Love Yeezy? I won't hold it against you (I guess). Because they've got him too. Check out these bad boys:

These guys are so new they're not even hot off the press yet: you can pre-order online and save $5 off the regular price of $20 each, and your mug will ship February 1, 2016.

Buuuuuuut... I'm gonna give you a chance to win one before anyone else gets their hands on 'em!


Win the mug of your choice PLUS a $50 gift card for The Cookery Bistro. You can kick back with your cuppa and enjoy some of their frigging delicious meals too! Here’s what to do:


1. Like The Cookery Bistro and Amy in 613 on Facebook.

2. Post a blog comment below telling me which menu item you're salivating over, or which mug you've simply gotta have.


3. For an extra entry, post an Instagram pic of something you want at The Cookery and tag @amyin613. Double points if you tag @thecookerybistro too. Triple points if you tag your post with #CallMeBigCoffee. Post a food pic, coffee, juice, one of their mugs, whatever you like!

4. For another extra entry, tweet something you want at The Cookery and tag @amyin613. Double points if you tag @thecookerybstro too. Triple points if you tag your post with #CallMeBigCoffee. You can tweet about their food pic, coffee, juices, mugs, whatever you like!

5. Share this link on Facebook and tag the Amy in 613 Facebook page in your post.

Contest closes at 2:00pm EST on Wednesday January 6, 2016, and I'll announce the winner shortly after. Coffee, coffee, coffee, can't you see....


We have a winner! Congratulations to Tiana Dargent, who's won a $50 gift certificate for The Cookery Bistro and her choice of mug from their new collection. Congrats Tiana! Please shoot me an email at and I'll hook you up.

Thank you to all who entered!



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