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canadian-made with attitude: goldeen jewellery (giveaway)

Hi all! I'm home from the Califorina desert and pumped to get back at it, introducing you folks to the awesome people, places, and things I stumble upon. So let's get down to business, shall we?

Meet Goldeen, a badass Canadian jewellery company based in Toronto. It's run by a hilarious and super talented gal named Ashleigh. She's got a penchant for hip hop, crystals, and nostalgia, so you'll find all those things reflected in her line.

Ashleigh uses both new and vintage findings in her work, and switches things up pretty often to keep you on your toes. Her whole jam is making pieces both special and saucy that won't cost you a mint. Which is good news since I can pretty much guarantee you're going to want all of it.

If Goldeen sounds familiar, that's because the fabulous ladies of Victoire have been carrying her line for a while. Not so familiar with Goldeen? I've put together a round-up of some of my favourite pieces! And keep on reading because down below I'll tell you how to win a bracelet of your own. AND I've got an exclusive promo code for ya!

Probably my favourite piece in her whole shop. At first glance Goldeen's ID bracelets look classic, but think hip hop references, pet names, and anything just a wee bit offensive. She makes 'em with vintage brass in a standard 6.5" length, but she can also make them longer or shorter (just leave her a note at checkout).

You can pick one of her saucy phrases like "99 PROBLEMS", "FLAWLESS", "BIG POPPA", or "LADIES IS PIMPS TOO" or oodles of others. Have something else in mind? Go for a custom option like I did. Like my "GIN & JUICE" bracelet below? I'm a huge Snoop fan so I was thrizzled to get my hands on this custom bracelizzle. FYI, she can do puctuation like ampersands and hashtags. #SWEET!

Can we please talk about how amazing these are? I love me some mismatched earrings, especially when they're a pair of my favourite foods. I went for gold plated, but these Fries Before Guys earrings also come in silver plate and rose gold plate.

I was just at Shake Shack in Las Vegas and these earrings already have me dreaming of more. I'll have to hit up BFF here in the 613. Fries before guys, burgers before boys.

BAE. DUH. THUG. RUDE. What do you want your Block Letter necklace to say? Take your pick from 9 different words and you can even choose from short (18") or long (30") lengths. Options, options, options. These are made with solid brass letters and a brass rope chain so they've got style AND substance.

Here's Bruce the Pug repping the thug life. Pretty sure he oversees QC at Goldeen HQ.


Let's get you some Goldeen! I've got an ID bracelet to give away and the lucky winner can choose any phrase they like or think of something custom and Ashleigh will whip it up. Here’s what to do:


2. Visit Goldeen's online shop then post a blog comment below telling me which piece you've gotta have. You can share any saucy custom sayings you come up with, too!


3. Post an Instagram pic of a Goldeen picece you love and tag @ilovegoldeen and @amyin613. Double points if you also tag it with #babesingoldeen.

4. Tweet a Goldeen piece you love and tag @GoldeenJewels and @amyin613. Double points if you also tag it with #babesingoldeen.

5. Share this link on Facebook and tag the Amy in 613 Facebook page in your post.

Contest closes at 12:00 noon on Tuesday January 19, 2016. This one's open across Canada so get them entries in! But that's not all...


You knew I'd have your back right? Cuz even if you don't win the giveaway, I know those Goldeen goodies are calling to ya. From now through January 31, 2016, all you lovely readers can score 15% off all purchases on enter promo code "AMYIN613" at checkout and you'll be set!

FYI, this promo is only valid on Goldeen's site and is not available at stockists or on Etsy.

Dammit, I've already found more stuff I want. Like these. And since our dollar is tanking right now, it's an extra reason to buy Canadian.

Happy shopping, everyone!


Congratulations to Monida Laura, winner of a Goldeen ID Bracelet! Enjoy your new jewellery Monida, we' love to see which phrase you pick. :)


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