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youthful skin by the body shop

You may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned my friend Stephen, who's a regional trainer for The Body Shop Canada. Stephen introduced me to The Body Shop's Oils of Life line, which I have to say impressed me. It had been years since I'd taken a close look at their skincare offerings and that collection really did deliver on what it promised: moisture, moisture, moisture.

But as of a couple of weeks ago I'm now firmly in my mid-thirties, so these days I'm not just looking for moisture, I'm looking for moisture PLUS antiaging properties in my skincare. Because I love getting carded at the LCBO. It rules! Stephen totally got where I was coming from and gave me three more skincare goodies to try. What a guy, right? This time he gave me The Body Shop's Drops of Youth collection:

I've been using these products for over a month now, so here are my thoughts, straight up.


I'm always game for a new serum and I'm a big fan of this one. I apply a single drop of Drops of Youth Concentrate in the morning after my toner and before my moisturizer: it helps everything sink in evenly and I noticed a nice firming and plumping effect on the skin. This is one of those dab-will-do-ya products: resist the urge to pile it on, just one squeeze from the glass dropper is all you need. Because you use so little at a time one bottle should last you for ages: probably in the ballpark of 4-6 months. If it only lasts you 2 months you're using way too much so scale it back. This serum has almost no scent at all so should be great for those with sensitive skin or sensitive noses.

For any of you who've been curious about trying a serum but put off by the high prices of so many of them (holy cow can they ever get pricey!), this one by The Body Shop is both affordable and easy to find at pretty much every major shopping mall and online. Highly recommend.


When Stephen handed me this one he said, "this is going to be your new favourite thing." He was right. The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is one of my new favourites and there's nothing else like it in my (sizable) beauty stash. The Body Shop nailed it when they called this mask "bouncy" because that's the only way I can describe the texture. It's a white gel/cream hybrid that's light, not at all thick or sticky, and it's, well, bouncy! It's got a bit of spring to it and wiggles in the jar like a bowl full of jelly.

When you open the glass pot you'll find a handy spatula tucked under the lid to help you pick up the right amount of product in a single scoop. This is such thoughtful detail because it means you can keep your fingers out of the pot and reduce the chance of bacteria (which is always a factor for products in pots or jars). So at night after you've cleansed, toned, and moisturized, use your little spatula to plop just the right amount into your hand then spread a thin, even layer all over your face. No rinsing! Head to bed and leave this baby on overnight. It won't feel sticky, greasy, or creamy, it feels more like a light gel on the skin. Like the Drops of Youth Concentrate, the mask is another dab-will-do-ya product: resist the urge to over apply and it'll last for ages.

If your complexion leans oilier you could probably skip your usual moisturizer on nights when you're using the Bouncy Sleeping Mask, and if you're drier like me you'll probably want to use your usual cream first. If you do apply a cream first, let it absob for a few minutes before applying the mask. For reference I use the mask about once a week, or more often if I remember.

Just like with the Drops of Youth Concentrate, I immediately noticed a plumping and firming action, and the mask had little to no scent. I think The Body Shop really wanted this line to work for everyone, including those who are sensitive.


Love. Love so much. The Body Shop's Wonderblur face primer is a total gem, and from now on it'll be a staple in my makeup bag. It's a lightweight formula that instantly smoothes skin and its blurring effect renders lines and pores far less noticeable. It also creates a FLAWLESS canvas for the rest of your makeup: it keeps your foundation looking fresh all day and your eye makeup won't budge. It feels silky smooth but not the least bit greasy, and has zero scent.

I've used oodles and oodles of primers over the years (I currently have four on the go, oops), and this little workhorse is every bit as good as a certain cult favourite primer that costs almost double. You can guess the one I mean, heck, you've probably used it! This primer by The Body Shop costs $20 less that the other one, which means you can nearly get two for the price of one! Put it on your must-try list and save yourself some cash.

My overall verdict on The Body Shop's Drops of Youth collection?

Hardworking, gentle, and very well priced. Scoop these babies up and your skin will thank you!

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