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eyemaxx optical studio: help me pick my glasses! (part ii)

Hi again everyone! Eariler this week I introduced you to EyeMaxx Optical Studio, after they seriously impressed me on my first visit to their boutique. Last Saturday I popped in for an eye exam, got properly fitted contact lenses, and took an initial browse through their (impressive) collection of frames. This week I went back for a second visit to spend some time finding exactly the right pair.

The first thing you'll notice when you walk through the door at EyeMaxx: holy crap is this boutique ever gorgeous. Its design is streamlined, spacious, and stylish; the absolute antithesis of its chain competitors located in malls, big box shopping centres, and tucked into grocery stores. This is a place you actually *want* to spend time in. Take a peek:

See display after display of glasses? I spent at least an hour browsing the store, trying on (and re-trying on) pair after pair. I dealt with staff members Kaytlyn and Parsa, and both of them were so lovely: helpful, informative, and accomodating.

Kaytlyn stuck with me the entire time I was in the store, helping me find frames that would suit my personal style, my face shape, and my colour preferences. Shopping with her wasn't the usual get in/get out experience I'd come to expect from glasses chains, it was more like shopping with your girlfriend. The one with a killer eye for style and who'll tell you straight what works on you and what doesn't. She grabbed countless pairs for me to try, and wasn't satisfied if fit was anything less than perfect (I learned the bridge of my nose is more narrow than most folks, go figure!). Kaytlyn made me feel right at home and I even got to know a little bit about her: we discovered that we're both big fans of Renew Cold Press juices (shout-out to Naomi!) and we're both U of O English lit nerds (hence the glasses, perhaps).

Alright, time for the straight goods. I've narrowed down EyeMaxx's bazillion frames to my top five, so take a gander and let me know what you think. These are in no particular order and I'd love to know your thoughts!

1. SALT Optics

I'd never heard of Salt before or seen it anywhere else. This entire line was beautiful and well-constructed, and I was amazed at the light weight of even the chunkier styles. Salt is a niche brand -one of the very few not owned by the Luxottica Group - so I jumped at the chance to try something different. Kaytlyn explained that all Salt frames are designed in the U.S. and handcrafted in Japan. These felt seriously luxe.

2. Ray-Ban

I've been a sucker for Ray-Bans for years (I've even got my mom wearing them now!) so I had to try these ones on. They're light just like Ray-Bans always are: they feel solid without being heavy. Because I have a square face I always look for frames with a bit of an upsweep at the temples since they give the illusion of length.

3. SALT Optics

Yup, Salt again. It isn't a very big line but each and every frame in their collection is stunning, and most are available in several different colours/patterns (which I love). I was immediately drawn to the shape and proportions of this frame, even though the colour is much warmer than what I'd normally wear given my skintone. It's also available in a beautiful ebony black with tortoise shell interior, so I'd go for that one.

4. Tom Ford

My oh my, do I ever love Tom Ford. From handbags to perfume to eyewear, the guy can do no wrong. I tried on a pair that were sleek and light, and the shape was a subtle nod to vintage without being kitschy (since full-blown vintage isn't my jam). And the colour: subtle but rich, with flashy side arms. Daaaaayyyyyuuum.

5. Alain Mikli

As was the case with Salt, I'd never heard of Alain Mikli til I strolled into EyeMaxx. And I loved these as soon as I saw them: the chunky shape, the bold yet neutral-toned pattern, I could wear these babies with anything. The shape was a great fit for my face and they were incredibly light despite the thicker style. I love that EyeMaxx introduced me to designers I'd never heard of before and probably never would have found if I'd gone anywhere else.


You guys, what am I gonna do? The Salt frames are soooo lovely, but then there's the Tom Ford... and the Alain Mikli.... and Ray-Ban is such a standby too... I can't for the life of me remember the last time I shopped for glasses and was torn between FIVE totally awesome, totally chic styles that all suit my face. I mean, fellow four-eyed folks, let's get real for a second: it's usually hard enough finding even one pair that's acceptable, right? Let alone awesome? If there's any possible downside to EyeMaxx (and I'm stretching it here), it's that you're going to have much more choice than you're used to, which means narrrowing it down to The One is gonna be tough. That's where I'm at now.

But remember Kaytlyn? She's still got my back. She was totally no pressure in her approach and encouraged me to sleep on it rather than rushing my decision. She noted down all the styles that made it to the top five, so when I go back next week she'll be able to quickly pull them all for me again.

What do you think, folks? Have an opinion on which pair I should go for? Let me know below in the comments section, I'd love your two cents!

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