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gift giving made goof proof (giveaway)

So, it snowed yesterday. I know. Most of us are in denial but let's be honest: it happened. And with those first few snowflakes, it hit me that I've got a heckuva lot of shopping to do for oodles of November and December birthdays, not to mention Hanukkah and Christmas. Oy.

Malls and big box stores get nutty this time of year, so thank goodness for options that are 1) more convenient and 2) free of frenzied crowds. One of my favourite ways to shop for gifts? Givopoly. Givopoly is an online gift boutique based right here in Ottawa, and they've partnered with over 100 small businesses so you can shop local even while you're sitting on the couch in your PJs (like I am below). And they take care of delivery too. Amazing.


Givopoly stocks oodles of gifts that run the gamut from craft beers, to spa packages, to cupcakes, and because they're not shipping from some far-flung distribution centre, your package will be delivered within 48 hours or less. Basically they make gift giving goof-proof. I've used their service a bunch of times and have always been impressed with the easy and secure checkout (powered by fellow locals at Shopify!) and the smiling delivery folks who genuinely seem excited to brighten someone's day.

To give you a taste of their massive gift network, here are few of my favourite local businesses you can shop through Givopoly:

  • Art-Is-In Bakery

  • The Cupcake Lounge

  • Darling & Dapper

  • Flowers Talk Tivoli

  • Happy Goat Coffee Co.

  • Murray Street Kitchen

  • Kichesippi Beer Co.

  • Scrub Inspired

  • Town

  • The Unrefined Olive

  • The Upkeep Shoppe ​

All you need to do is select a gift and enter the recipient's delivery details, and it will be delivered beautifully wrapped with a personalized message of your choosing. Easy peasy!


For the last three years co-founders Susan Richards and Craig Hung have focused on their Ottawa roots, but business is booming and folks across the country have been asking for this handy service.

So, I'm excited to announce that as of this morning Givopoly has officially rolled out in Toronto! That means those of us with Toronto friends and family can now have Toronto-made gifts delivered within a day or two, and 416 folks can shop their own favourite local businesses just like we've been doing in the 613. Big high five to Susan and Craig on taking the next step!

But that's not all: next Susan and Craig are eyeing Vancouver! Personally, I'm super excited because 1) I'm from Vancouver -- North Van represent! -- and 2) my sis lives there and I'll be able to send her awesome gifts without wondering if they'll be delivered on time. Sweet!

But enough about me, let's talk you. Gifts for you. I've got a giveaway!


Alrighty folks, because Susan and Craig are so awesome they've given me a $50 Givopoly gift certificate to give away to one lucky reader. You can use it to try out Givopoly and spoil yourself (I won't tell) or spoil someone else. Sound good? Here's what to do:

2. Post a comment below telling me which Givopoly vendor has your favourite gifts.

Get your entries in by this Wednesday, October at 5:00pm and I'll announce the winner shortly after.


You didn't think that was it, did you? If you're not the lucky winner on Wednesday or if you want to get started on your shopping right away, I've got a promo code for you: from now until October 31, enter promo code "AmyIn613" at checkout and you'll get $10 off your order!

So stay in your PJs, chuckle at the crowds at the mall, and I'll leave you with Givopoly's top five reasons to gift local. Happy shopping!


We have a winner! Congratulations to Victoria Anne, who's won a $50 Givopoly gift certificate. Enjoy your prize, Victoria Anne and be sure to come back and tell us how you like Givopoly!

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