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welcome to the amy in 613 blog!

Is this thing on? Testing, testing 1, 2, 3! is officially live and I'm thrilled to share my little corner of the internet with you. Those who know me know I love spreading the word about things I adore, whether it's a local business, a niche perfume, a fantastic bottle of wine, the perfect red lipstick, an outstanding hotel... you get the idea.

This blog will be my place to share some of my longtime staples along with new soon-to-be favourites I stumble upon all the time. I'll be covering local businesses and events, beauty, fashion, food, wine, spirits, travel, fitness, and home decor. And anything else I think of.

You can expect to see beauty reviews, travel tips, local events, interviews with local entrepreneurs; it'll all be here. I've lined up some sweet giveaways (you're gonna like 'em!) and I've developed a collection of promo codes just for my readers (because who doesn't like getting a deal?). I'll continually update the promo codes to make sure they're current, and you'll find them parked in my deals & promo codes tab.

Over the next few weeks I'll introduce you to some local guys doing manmade soap from scratch, I'll show you how to turn your rage-inducing trips to the grocery store (is it just me?) into a 5-minute task you can do in your jammies, and I'll thin your blood with some bang-on cocktail recipes and wine pairings. Heck, I'll even try a juice cleanse for your benefit, dear readers. No for real, I'm actually going to try a juice cleanse.

But first up: this Thursday you'll meet the talented crew at Over the Top Lifestyle, the local start-up that makes the Ottawa hat I wear everywhere (that plenty of you have been asking about). So pop back this Thursday to find out how Over the Top founder Billy Altidor made his way from Haiti all the way to Ottawa, and get the scoop on his offical launch party taking place this weekend.

Til then, over and out!

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