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put down that mop (giveaway)

Guys. Ain't nobody got time for cleaning! With the chaos of back to school and back to work most of us are feeling busy and stressed. And the last thing you wanna do after a busy day is clean the house. Six months ago I started using a professional home cleaning service called Mopify, and I've been so impressed that I'm giving away a cleaning package!

Mopify is an Ottawa cleaning company that takes a (very) old fashioned industry and makes it as modern and convenient as Uber. Want a quote? You'll have it instantly. Want to link your credit card for payment? No sweat. Need to leave a special request for your cleaner? Enter it in your online dashboard.

Can't remember the date of your next cleaning? No worries, Mopify just texted you a confirmation.

You'll get a text notification when your professional cleaner arrives on-site, and another when they've finished up. You'll have the chance to leave feedback after every single cleaning, and every time you deal with a member of the support staff too. Mopify is that obsessed with making you happy.

AND: they're affordable. My home is a 1000 square foot condo with two stories, two bedrooms, two cats, and one bathroom, and my biweekly cleaning bill is $62.50. That's less than half of what I'd been paying another company for over two years and they still relied on cheques, handwritten instructions, and email. Oh my.

Look how much my house sparkles after Mopify's done with it! Also: RIP red wall, you're being replaced next week (more on that later). Also: can you spot Sigmund napping?

I absolutely adore Mopify (just in case you couldn't tell) so I'm gonna hook you up!


I've got a $20 Mopify gift card for each and EVERY one of you!! Yessiree bob! Use this link to claim your gift card and you'll instantly get $20 off your first professional home cleaning. FYI, you must use my link to score the discount.

win a mopify home cleaning

For real, Ottawa peeps, free up your time and let Mopify clean your house for you. I'm giving away a $100 Mopify gift card!! That's enough to cover a full cleaning of a moderate to biggish house, or any smaller space with cashola left over for your second cleaning. Sound good?

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and I'll announce a winner next Saturday! Hop to it and put down that mop.

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