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happy easter! now eat some cupcakes.

Many shops and businesses are closed part or most of this weekend so you may find yourself in the kitchen with a little extra time on your hands. You may also find yourself with some extra chocolate.

I freaking love mini eggs and can eat them by the bag (although I shouldn't). If you've got some kicking around, here's a quick way to turn your guilty pleasure into an impressive treat you can share with friends and family coming over this weekend. But if you don't share I won't judge.


I love cupcakes because they can be as simple or as gourmet as you like. Make 'em chocolate, vanilla, white chocolate, or even carrot cake, because bunnies. If all you've got is mix in a box, that's fine too. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg and they won't taste like mix anymore. ;)

Want to make 'em from scratch? Try these chocolate ones by Ricardo, these vanilla ones by, these carrot cake ones by Food & Wine, or a new favourite I just stumbled upon: white chocolate cupcakes by Garnish & Glaze.


You can get fancy with green frosting and a frosting bag to make a little grassy nest, or just dollop some chocolate or vanilla frosting on there with a spoon. Call it dirty icing and everyone will think you're fancy. "Oh these? I just dirty iced them real quick." See? Works like a charm.


If you were brave and made yourelf a grassy green nest, you're basically done: just plop your mini eggs on top et voilà!

If you opted to dirty ice or piped on a dollop of frosting, grab one of those spare chocolate bunnies you've got kicking around and shave a little chocolate on each cupcake. Then nestle your mini eggs on top and you're done!

I think the absolute cutest Easter cupcakes I've seen are these ones by Garnish & Glaze. She whipped up a batch of white chocolate minis that happen to fit perfectly into an egg carton. How frigging cute is that? I mean, these are the cupcakes of your Pinterest dreams. Mine won't turn out nearly as well but so it goes -- I'll eat 'em anyway.

Hoppy Easter!

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