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peaceful power: yoga for body love

Today I'm introducing you to one of my favourite yoga teachers in all of Ottawa: the one and only Kathryn Flynn. If you've ever taken a class with Kathryn, you surely noticed her incredible playlists, her child's pose backrubs, and her unstoppable sense of humour.

I've been practicing yoga since about 2002, and Kathryn is hands-down one of the most supportive, compassionate, and hilarious teachers I've ever stepped onto the mat with. She's also a gem of a human being.

Like so many of us (myself included), she didn't always feel comfortable in her own skin. After struggling with countless athletic and nutritional pursuits for years, Kathryn strongly believes it was yoga was that finally led her to health, emotional wellness, and self-compassion. And she's developed a pretty powerful workshop to share what she's learned with the rest of us.

Peaceful Power: Yoga for Body Love is a 2-part workshop Kathryn will be leading at PranaShanti Yoga Studio this Sunday February 21 and next Sunday February 28, from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. PranaShanti is a lovely studio located in the heart of Hintonburg on Armstrong Street, right behind the LCBO and a stone's throw from Suzy Q Doughnuts. But enough with the doughnuts, let's get back to the workshop.

Kathryn's vision is to support body awareness and diminish stress, so that off-the-mat you can live mindfully, make great decisions for your health, adopt healthful habits, and live peacefully with a sense of true joy.

She'll take a yogic and scientific appreach to wellbeing, including:

  • exploring the relationship between diet and wellness (emotional and physical)

  • discussing moving toward a whole foods diet

  • learning the right amount of anatomy for understanding how yoga works

  • learning how to identify areas for development and adopt change so it's sustainable and successful

  • exploring the effective use of affirmations and meditation for goal achievement

  • developing a yoga practice that focuses on developing body awareness and a meditation practice accessible to all levels of yogis.

You'll also receive readings, summaries, motivational quotations, a specialized mindfulness journal for your goals, and yoga practice outlines. Sound good? Regsiter here.

Kathryn teaches at PranaShanti Yoga Studio and Yogatown's Preson Street location, and teaches all over the world. You can keep up with her and find her class schedule on her website, Intelligent Edge Yoga.

All photos courtesy Intelligent Edge Yoga

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